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Distribution Company Limited (NGDCL) is a prominent compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Petroleum refueling service provider in Bangladesh and operating its service since 2004. NGDCL is principled committed to quality providing service to the customers and builds trust through a loyal and long-term relationship. The company maintains its commitment to keep the environment pollution free. We are a member of Nitol Niloy Group, a leading group of companies that successfully and actively involved in developing of nation’s economics.

Promote products, services, and technology to provide safe, efficient and reliable CNG, POL and LPG to customers to minimize their vehicle operating cost and to maximize vehicle longevity.

Our vision is to ensure green fuel for Bangladesh and to provide the highest standard of CNG, POL and LPG refueling stations/services for customer’s satisfaction.

We provide innovative Original Product for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.

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