TITAS GAS COMPANY producer of various car parts started its action in 1994 in shahrekord industrial site in chaharmahal va bakhtiyari province .

This company has more than 6000 square meter surface for producing, ware house, official site and etc as well as producing lines of car parts of car, truck, bus .

Tashgas took action to support needing parts of the companies :

Iran khodro, iran khodro deiesel , shahab khodro and saipa deiesel .

This company succeeded to get iran national standard and ISO 9001 from EAQA England and Grade a from sapco by its personnel’s attempts.


Padma Oil Company Limited (POCL) is not only the biggest but also the oldest with its antecedents stretching well back to the colonial period of British-India. Its ancestral enterprise “ Rangoon Oil Company “ established petroleum business in this part of the world by the middle of nineteenth century.
Prior to the partition of the sub-continent in 1947, mainly two oil marketing companies namely Burmah Oil Company ( BOC ) and Burmah Shell Oil Storage and Distribution Company ( BSOC ) were operating Petroleum Business in the area what now comprise Bangladesh. Burmah Shell established Aviation Depot at Tejgaon Airport in the year 1948.
Considering the Oil Marketing situation in erstwhile East Pakistan, Burmah Shell Transferred their share to BOC and in the year 1965 a new company called “ Burmah Eastern Limited “ was formed with 49% share of BOC. The rest portion of the share was issued to public & private individuals of the then Pakistan.
In 1977, Burmah Eastern Limited became a subsidiary of Bangladesh Petroleum  Corporation.
In the year 1985, BOC transferred its entire property in Bangladesh (including share of Burmah Eastern Limited ) in favour of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC), Thereafter, the company is renamed as ‘Padma Oil Company Limited’ in the year 1988.


Total Lubricants is consolidating its position as key player in electric mobility by launching today an innovative line of fluids for electric and hybrid vehicles. Produced thanks to important efforts of the Group’s R&D teams, these products have been specially developed to meet the cooling and lubrication needs of the various components of these new types of engines and to ensure that they remain in peak condition throughout their lifetime.

Two new product lines are now available to automakers: Total Quartz EV Fluid, for light vehicles, andTotal Rubia EV Fluid, for industrial & utility vehicles and electric buses.

Marketed by Total Lubricants, these products join the other electric mobility solutions Total offers through a variety of concrete applications for charging, storage, and fleet management.

“Through extensive research efforts, we are proud to have developed products that align with the new needs of electric mobility," explains Philippe Charleux, Senior Vice President Lubricants and Specialities at Total. “Integrated before the vehicles leave the factories, these high-performance fluids will accompany them throughout their service lives, benefitting all our customers: parts manufacturers, automakers and end users. This project illustrates our technical excellence and our ability to anticipate and innovate, which we leverage for a sustainable and performing mobility."



Agira is a leading Argentine company in technological solutions applied to the compression of Gas Natural (GNC and Oil & Gas). From its plants in Argentina, it produces the entire line of products that are marketed around the world. Agira technology stands out for the unique and robust design of all its products that favor its performance in the long term with minimum maintenance.
From its beginnings, Agira permanently seeks challenges in different parts of the world where it could verify the operation of its products in the most varied conditions of use, the presence in the 4 continents endorses this achievement.
Agira assumes the ethical commitment to excellence, for which it provides the backing of the ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, OHSAS 18001-2007 certifications, complying with the standards of the Bureau Veritas International and CE.
Through the search of total quality in all its processes and the challenge of constant improvement, Agira has been recognized with the 2008 Export-Ar Foundation prize in the category “Consolidation of International Markets" and in the 2009 edition in the category “Opening new markets"; It also has the recognition of FEBA (Economic Federation of the Province of Buenos Aires) and ADIBA (Association of Industrialists of the Province of Buenos Aires) for its contribution to the Buenos Aires productive development granted in 2011.




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Place of Origin:
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State of the Art CNG Dispenser

State of the Art CNG Dispenser incorporates.
+ The most advanced CNG 50 mass flow meter from Micromotion.
+ Large 15 LCD TFT Touch Panel Display ± 60 Viewing Angle IP 65
+ State of the art human interface. (Input & Output)
+ Micro Processor Controlled.
+ Pie set amount to fill in Rs Measuring accuracy > 98.5%
+ Max. Pr fill auto cutoff
+ Low flow rate auto cutoff. Overflow safety cutoff
+ 100% Transaction record, receipt printing. (Optional)
+ Network remote access & data retrieval. (Optional)
+ Full transaction record by date.
+ Totalizer Powerful Manager menu for data processing (Code protected)
+ User-friendly parameter setting.
+ Fast fill 1/2 line & hose.
+ Omni directional quick disconnect fill hose breakaway.
+ Progressive LM.H. Pressure filling & status display.
+ Selection of Filling Nozzles
+ Backed by one-year Limited Warranty and Global after sales service.
+ Artificially intelligent self-test and diagnostics.
+ Leakage flow detection during stand by mode.